The Facts About Palm Oil

We will keep it short and sweet. If it's not Sustainable Palm Oil then DON'T USE IT!!! 

Palm Oil

The destruction of almost 500,000 hectares of rainforest a year occurred between the year 2000 and 2010 for the purpose of harvesting Palm Oil. Along with the loss of all this beautiful rainforest came the devastating loss of habitat for some of mother natures most beautiful creatures, one of which being the home to the Orangutan. The most disgusting thing about all of this, is that these statistics by now will be so outdated, as the average loss of rainforest per year was set to skyrocket by 2020 and triple in 'size', or as we like to see it, DESTRUCTION. 

The Palm Oil industry is HUGE and growing daily to simply meet the demand from consumers for many commercial products and cosmetics. You may not realise it, but Palm Oil products are everywhere. Due to the increasing awareness of the destruction cause by Palm Oil farming, companies are becoming very sneaky when it comes to their labelling, listing edible product that contain Palm Oil as 'Vegetable Oil' instead. Common food items such as ice-cream, chocolate, baked goods, chips, margarine and so many more contain Palm Oil (often listed as Vegetable Oil). You will also find Palm Oil in many cosmetic products such as soaps, toothpaste, body care products, laundry detergents and more. 

30 day palm oil free challenge

So what can we do about it??? We would love to share with you some things we are trying to do to make a difference here at Go Vita Robina. Firstly, we have introduced several lines of cosmetic and food items into the store that are either Palm Oil FREE or use only Sustainable Palm Oil. We would like to extend you an invitation to pop in store and have one of our friendly staff show you around an introduce you to a whole new world of Sustainable Living. We would like to challenge you to a 30 Day Palm Oil Detox, where you aim to use and eat things that contain NO Palm Oil or only Sustainable Palm Oil. While you're at it... why not spread the word and get your family and friends involved too! Let's all do our part to raise awareness of this issue. 

Other ways to help... Well, we as a store, are now the proud sponsor of a beautiful Orangutan named 'Chocolate'.  We have a donation box available in store if you would like to pop a gold coin in it next time you're passing by. We are hoping with enough help and support from all our valued customers, that we can sponsor a little brother or sister for Chocolate by the end of the month. To help us do that, simply purchase any Weleda product in November 2014 and we will pop a dollar in the donation box for every Weleda products you purchase. To reward you for all your support, if you purchase 3 or more products during November 2014 we will give you 20% off as well! It's just one of the ways we are trying to make a difference. 

weleda sustainability

We are aiming to be a Palm Oil FREE & Sustainable Palm Oil ONLY store very soon. So as you switch your cosmetics and food items over to Palm Oil Free or Sustainable Palm Oil Products, we will delete the old products from our store. We are working with you to make our store as environmentally conscious as we can. Look forward to seeing you in store soon!

Go Palm oil free