Green Tea... a little cup full of goodness

green tea benefits

With so many amazing benefits, it's hard to know where to start with Green Tea. It is well known for it's benefits for weight loss due thanks to Thermogenesis. It is used in many beauty properties because of its antioxidant and anti-ageing effects. We know it's great to combat free radical damage in our body's and makes alternative to coffee and black tea. So it's time to tell you something that maybe you didn't know about Green Tea.

health benefits of green tea

We live on the sunny Gold Coast! The  surf, the sun, it's just a part of our life. The weekend beach essential kit has always just included a tube of 30+. Well now we have another essential to add to the weekend beach ritual... GREEN TEA!!!

Green Tea catechins have shown an ability to protect against harmful UV rays from the sun, an effect that usually kicks in approximately half an hour to an hour after ingesting Green Tea. The higher the concentration of catechins in the Green Tea, the stronger the effect. Therefore, it would be better to use a supplement that is highly concentrated in catechins rather than simply drinking Green Tea in the beverage form which would be a much lower dose. 

Fusion Green Tea

Fusion produce a Caffeine Free Green Tea supplement that is highly concentrated in catechins, in fact, it contains 345mg of Green Tea catechins per tablet. It is also highly concentrated in EGCG which is responsible for most of the antioxidant benefits of Green Tea, and contains less than 0.5mg of Caffeine per tablet. Fusion recommend using 2 of their Green Tea tablets approximately an hour before heading out in the sun to get maximum UV protection. 

So this summer, protect your skin from the inside out with a good, natural sunscreen and some Fusion Green Tea, and enjoy the UV protection as well as all the other great antioxidant protection Green Tea provides.