Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil, Cream, Milk, Water and any other part of Coconuts really, are one of natures most amazing super foods. In fact we could probably talk all day about Coconuts, but for now lets just focus on the Oil component.

uses and benefits of coconut oil

Probably the healthiest oil that you can get your hands, Coconut Oil is 60% MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which is really important to know because not all Fat is bad for you. Your body will digest and metabolise MCT's in a very different way to other types of fats. They are transported directly from your digestive tract to the liver and burned for fuel. During this process the body's metabolic rate rises slightly, which in other words means that MCT's can actually aid in weight loss by boosting your metabolism. Interesting isn't it, when we normally think that reducing fats equals weight loss, but in this case it is the exact opposite. The more MCT's we consume in our diet the more we are boosting our metabolism and increasing our body's ability to burn fat and lose weight. 

Back to Coconut oil, which as we said, contains 60% MCT's, which makes it a very healthy addition to your diet for weight loss. Many studies have been done on Coconut Oil for weight loss, among other things, and the results are amazing. Some of these studies found that Coconut Oil helps specifically target abdominal weight loss which will in turn reduce your risk of heart disease and type II diabetes. While we are on the subject of Research and Diabetes, did you know that they have found that Coconut Oil can help protect the body against Insulin Resistance?! So it works two fold to protect against Type II Diabetes. Makes you wonder why they don't sell this over the counter at the Pharmacy doesn't it?!

So if you're not interested in the weight loss side of things then what's in it for you? Well I'm so glad you asked! Coconut Oil is fantastic for digestion, which I'm sure that we can all use a bit of a help with every now and again. It protects against all sorts of microbes in the gut including bacteria, parasites and even Candida. It is great to reduce bloating and can even assist with symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). 

There are so many other benefits of Coconut Oil, we could go on all day! For instance, did you know that Coconut Oil is one of the best cooking oils?! It can safely be heated to quite high temperatures without going rancid. It can also help to reduce sugar cravings, and has some amazing effects when used topically on the hair and skin, such as its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I guess you might like to know now how you can incorporate Coconut Oil into your diet every day since it has so many amazing benefits! Well if you can resist the urge to just eat it from the jar with a spoon, there are so many ways you can use it in your cooking and baking. Why not replace your regular cooking oils with Coconut Oil for starters. Then think about some other foods that will taste amazing with that beautiful coconut fragrance, such as Curry's or a Stir Fry. You could even use Coconut Oil in baked goods in place of butter or other fats/oils in the recipe. You can even use it to grease the pan! Or, why not make a delicious Coconut smoothie.

When it comes to topical uses, did we mention that Coconut Oil has some amazing anti fungal properties?! Well it does! So it is not just an amazing body or face oil, but it is also very therapeutic. Use it for any sort of fungal skin condition, but make sure to still get plenty in your diet too. My personal favorite for topical Coconut Oil is as a hair mask. Just melt it down and comb it through dry hair and wrap your hair up over night. Give it a good wash in the morning (you may need to shampoo twice) and your hair will SHINE! 

We would love to hear your how you use Coconut Oil so if you have a favorite recipe or use for it why not drop us a quick comment, FB post or email and tell us your ideas! 

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Banaban cold pressed, Organically grown and harvested, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Banaban cold pressed, Organically grown and harvested, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil