Benefits of Pea & Rice Protein

Pea and Rice protein have become increasingly popular in the past few years. There are a few reasons for this. Our aim here is to identify the many benefits of Pea and Rice protein and outline how it may be beneficial in building muscle and losing fat as an alternative to Whey and other such protein supplements.

benefits of pea and rice protein

First, it is important to mention that when you combine both the Pea and Rice protein powders, the mixture contains all 9 essential amino acids. This makes it a complete protein supplement for Vegetarians and Vegans. Unless proper food combining is practiced, it can be difficult otherwise for Vegetarians, and especially Vegans, to get enough complete protein in their diet. By supplementing your diet with one serve of Pea and Rice protein every day, you can more easily ensure that you are getting the full range of essential amino acids in your diet. 

Both Pea and Rice protein are generally considered low allergenic due to their digestibility. They are usually found in Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Egg free formulations to cater for people with food allergies, intolerance's and sensitivities. Pea and Rice are less likely to cause allergic reactions due to their ability to be digested easily which lessens the likely hood that it will trigger a negative or hyperactive immune response. 

Finally, it is most important to mention that several studies on Vegetarian and Vegan proteins that compare the difference in results with Whey based proteins, have found the Pea and Rice proteins to have just as much effect on muscle gain, muscle recovery, fat loss, weight management and regulating blood sugar levels. This means that Pea and/or Rice protein can give you the same great results as Whey based protein supplements, but with less chance of allergy and with better digestibility. 

Amazonia Pea and Rice Raw protein

The only issue left to deal with is the taste and consistency of the Pea and Rice proteins. Unfortunately, up until recently, the Whey based proteins have had the market due to their ability to provide a smooth and palatable flavour and consistency with their product. In comparison, many Pea proteins have been known to have a very thick and almost gluggy consistency, and Rice protein seemed to have an almost gritty texture. Not the best selling point we will admit. 

Then along came Amazonia! They developed a combination of both Pea and Rice protein which proved to be a smooth and palatable taste, texture and consistency, more like most Whey proteins on the market. This combination is rich in vitamins, minerals and all 9 essential amino acids. It comes in two flavours, Vanilla or Choc Coconut, as well as an unflavoured for all those who are keen cookers or like to make their own flavoured smoothie. 

So if you are Vegetarian or Vegan, or maybe just keen to get a little more protein in your diet from a well digested source, why not try something new!