What is Kombucha?

So you've heard about Kombucha?! 

I'll bet you're wondering what all the fuss is about? Maybe wondering what it's good for? How to take it? Or even how to make it? 

Well my friends you are in luck! We've got the inside scoop. The benefits of Kombucha, how to make it, how to store it and how to take it. 

Let's start at the beginning shall we... Kombucha is an ancient fermented beverage made from just a few simple ingredients, Tea, Sugar, Bacteria and Yeast. These ingredients are combined produce a highly nutritional beverage that is rich in B vitamins and benefits digestion. Kombucha is also thought to stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer and aid liver function, although evidence to prove these claims is lacking in current research. 

So with all these amazing benefits, you're now intrigued yes?! Wondering how to take Kombucha? Well it is a beverage so the how is a simple one, drink it! It tastes great and you can get all sorts of different flavours. Mojo Kombucha do a range of different, ready to dink Kombucha beverages in single serve bottles. However, if you've never taken it before, you may like to start with just 150mL per day (or half a bottle) and build up to the top recommended daily dose of 450mL if you are after it's full effects. It can be consumed at any time of day, but for better digestive effects you can try the ginger or lemon flavoured Mojo with a meal.

One of the best things about Kombucha is that you can make your own with specific herbs, spices or fruits just for the flavour, or for the additional therapeutic effect. To make Kombucha, you simply need just a few ingredients (as previously mentioned) and a nice big ceramic pot to brew it in. The main thing to be cautious with here is that most ceramic or glazed pots contain high levels of Lead which tends to leach into the Kombucha as it ferments. 

We recommend Durand Kombucha Jars, as they are a Lead free, hand moulded ceramic pot. They are specifically designed for you Kombucha home brew and are safe and effective. The plastic tap allows you to easily pour, serve and consume your Kombucha, whilst ensuring that is never comes in contact with any metals which can be very harmful to your brew and yourself. 

For some great recipes on how to make your own Kombucha, visit our Recipes page under Snacks & Sweets or see the link below. Once it's ready, you have a few days to consume it. For rest rest you'll need some clean, preferably glass containers or jars to store it in. Make sure to choose something with an air tight lid. Don't forget... always leave 10% of the mixture to culture for the next brew!!!

Happy Brewing People!!!