NEWS REPORT: Why the Heart Foundation Does Not Support the Paleo Diet

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Interestingly enough, Channel 10 News has recently released a story with concerns regarding the 'trendy' Paleo Diet. As we have spent the last couple of days sharing with you our new range of Paleo Hero products, including their Pancake mix, Bread mix, muesli and food bars, we thought that it would be appropriate to give you our expert opinion on the matter. 

This blog post has been written by our qualified Naturopath's and Nutritionists here at Go Vita Robina, who would like to share with you their views on the news report. 

The major concern that Channel 10 reported that the World Health Organisation and Heart Foundation has with the Paleo diet is that it involves eating Red Meat. They say that people that strictly follow the Paleo Diet are putting themselves at risk of Heart Disease and Cancer due to the Red Meat intake. Their other major concern is that the diet does not include all foods or food groups, these being Dairy Products, Gluten, Grains and Sugar (and via the pictures shown on the news report... Chocolate). They warn against adopting the diet long term because of these reasons. 

We wanted to point out to you, our friends and members, that we would not condone a diet that we felt was unsafe in any way or harmful to your health. We value all our members and aim always to provide you with current, up to date, researched information on the latest developments in the health food industry. So in light of this we are presenting to you our response which must begin with clearing up some misconceptions of the Paleo Diet from this news cast. 

Paleo Diet foods to eat and foods to avoid

Firstly, the Paleo diet does not promote eating 'Lots of Meat', as stated by the presenter. Yes meat, and red meat is included as an allowable food, however there are many other protein sources that are allowable on the diet. The key, like with any diet, is balance. Red meat, poultry, fish and eggs are all allowable animal proteins on the Paleo Diet. I would like to point out that Oily fish is actually beneficial for heart health, so if you are practicing a balanced Paleo Diet, then you would include a variety of protein including beneficial oily fish. Other oils such as Coconut Oil and Olive Oil, as well as nuts and seeds are also allowable on the diet. These too are also beneficial for heart health and have other benefits relating to cardiovascular health and reduction in cancer risk. Our advice here: simply choose lean red meat, free range or organic where possible, and preferably pasture fed as it is lower in fat in most cases. Variety is the key to any healthy eating plan. 

Secondly, in response to the unallowable foods, Dairy, Gluten, Grains and Sugar (oh and don't forget chocolate), well as many of us know, or maybe have experienced first hand, not everyone can tolerate Gluten and Dairy so we simply follow in the footsteps of these people who manage to find alternatives for such things as Calcium. In fact, the Calcium from Dairy products is not always in the best absorbable form, and you will get Calcium and many other vital minerals from fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds. As far as the sugar is concerned, it is not a strictly 'sugar free diet'. It is a cane sugar and processed sugar free diet. Allowable sugars and sweeteners just need to be in their raw and unprocessed form such as Honey or Maple Syrup. But to be completely honest, I think most of the population could do with reducing our dietary sugars a bit anyway. Reducing Carbohydrates and Sugars can reduce your belly fat, reduce your risk of diabetes AND... Yep you guessed it HEART DISEASE!!! 

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So in closing, we encourage you to do your own investigating and not to just believe everything TV tells us. There is good and bad in everything and life is best enjoyed in moderation. Practice some common sense, moderation and variety when it comes to your diet. Get back to the basics of good quality food and eat plenty of good fats and oils, salads and veggies and you will keep your heart happy  

We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding anything written here or anything you may have heard in the news article. We have provided the link below for your reference. Hopefully you will find this somewhat comforting if you are currently on the Paleo diet. We look forward to your feedback and welcome any questions or comments. 

Yours in health and happiness... Go Vita Robina