Health Benefits of Raw Juicing

health benefits of raw juicing

If you follow us on Facebook you'll see we are smack bang in the middle of our 30 day Juice Challenge. We have challenged all our followers to try a Raw Juice a day for 30 days in the month of January to help support all your new years resolutions to get fit, healthy and skinny! But why drink Raw Juice???

There are so many amazing benefits to raw juicing. Whether you use a slow juicer to cold press, or simply a good blender, you will get the benefits. Raw juicing (or blending) helps begin the breakdown process of all the fresh fruits and veg you use in your juice. By breaking it down to liquid form you will more easily digest and absorb all those great vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in your fresh produce. It makes a quick, easy and convenient way to get some extra goodness in your diet every day.

health benefits of raw juice

Juicing is great for kids, fussy eaters, people suffering from illness or weakened digestion, people who live a busy or stressful lifestyle, or anyone just wanting some extra nutrients in their diet. Often people struggle to get their 2 Fruit and 5 Veg per day, so if you can chuck a few pieces in the blender and drink it on the go, you can rest assured that at then end of the day you've done your 2 and 5. 

Fresh is always best, so although commercial juices may be the beverage of choice for all the health conscious people out there, fresh juice will always contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and live enzymes than your standard pre-mix juices from cafes, health food stores and supermarkets. Making it yourself also allows you to control how much fruit vs veg goes in. Veggies will always be a much better option if you are trying to avoid carbs or sugars. They often contain higher amounts of fibre which will greatly benefit your digestion, as long as you remember to drink plenty of water. 

blending vs juicing

So should we Juice or Blend??? Personally, I prefer to blend. Using the whole fruit, veg, nut and seed provides all the nutrients as if you were eating the food whole, but because it's pureed the nutrients are more readily available for absorption and more easily digested. The downside would be that you'll always end up with a juice that's a little more on the chunky side. You can blend to a fine puree and add a little water so you can drink it through a straw, but it will always be a little thick compared to using a Juice extractor. 

When juicing, it's important to get a slow juice extractor that doesn't heat. This ensures your produce doesn't get the nutrient loss associated with heating and cooking. If you do juice, but want all the benefits of the whole food, why not use all that leftover pulp to make some nice dehydrated crackers or an omelette. It's the best of both worlds!!!

Whatever you choose to do, having a juice a day will help boost your energy, daily vitamin and mineral intake, help alkalise, detoxify and so much more. Challenge yourself, try a juice a day. If you need some inspiration, pop onto our Facebook page and check out some of our suggested recipes. We also have some in our Recipe Blog under Breakfast and Snacks/Sweets.