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support local farmers

Did you know that your local farmers markets are not just a fun place to peruse on the weekend?! They actually contain the freshest local produce from local families, local farms. Join the revolution! 

We are going to call it!!! You heard it here first!!! We are predicting that this year, we are going to see a huge shift in how people shop for their produce. With Coles and Woolies continually expanding and renovating, it's hard to keep up with where everything is in your local supermarket. Your one stop shop just got a whole lot more complicated. But why??? That's simple... money money money!!!

local organic farmers

It's time we started saying no to the big supermarket giants, and started supporting our neighbours, our fellow Gold Coasters and our local farmers. The supermarkets are gaining too much power and control over what we eat, drink, wear and read, but as they get bigger and bigger the quality seems to just fade away. But your faithful local farmers have been there all along, and are still here to support you and your family. 

farmers market

We are so lucky here on our gorgeous Gold Coast to have not one, not two, but several Organic Farmers Markets. The top three closest to us would have to be the Friday markets at Mudgeeraba Village, Saturday at Burleigh Heads State School Hall and Sunday at Miami High School oval. So there is now no reason for lack of time to get to the markets and get your hands on some locally grown, Certified Organic, fresh, seasonal fruit and veg at prices that everyone can afford. Because it's picked fresh it lasts for weeks in the fridge, unlike all that supermarket rubbish that's been in cold storage for months. 

organic food

Another fun fact... you're local Go Vita store is also a small business, owned by a local too. Don't believe us?! Pop in store and meet the man for yourself, just ask for Angelo. As a small business, we strive every day to keep our store stocked with good quality, natural and organic products that are the highest quality standard. Our prices are competitive and our quality of product and service is second to none. The trust and respect of our customers is far more important to us than turning a massive profit... Now I'll bet you'll never hear those words from Mr Coles or Mr Woolworths!!!

Eat with the seasons and go with the flow! Support local business and lets take back the power in the clash of the supermarket Titans.