Healthy Easter Inspiration

If you're looking forward to a Chocolate Free Easter then we have some healthy inspiration here for you. Perfect for anyone on a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo or Sugar Free eating plan. We have ideas for a delicious and nutritious healthy easter breakfast, a festive platter, and some decorative veggie dishes for the family lunch that are easy to prepare and are sure to transform a boring old salad into a festive easter delight. 


Boiled Eggs, decorated with a little piece of chopped carrot and some chia seed eyes. A perfect start to the day that won't take more than a second longer to prepare. 

You're kids will think you're a genius for serving this one up!!!

healthy easter breakfast


Surprise your visitors with this fresh fruit platter. All you need is an egg shaped platter to serve it on. You'll find a nice cheap one at your local supermarket, or pick up something a little more fancy from a kitchen store or home wares shop.

All you need to do now is select some fresh, seasonal fruit and get creative as you decorate it.

Simple, easy and effective.

healthy easter treat


An easy egg salad that you'll have all ready and prepared in a 'hop' skip and a jump!

Invest in some cookie cutters and cut all your favourite salad veg with it. Chuck it all on a bed of green leafys and turn a boring old boiled egg into an easter delight.