Home Brew Kombucha

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It's simple, easy and so good for you. It's Kombucha!!! Make your own with this simple, easy recipe! Using just 4 basic ingredients, you too can get all the Kombucha benefits from the comfort of your own home. 







  • 2L Boiling Water
  • 3/4 Cup Organic Sugar
  • 2-4 Tea Bags (2-4 Tblsp Loose Leaf) Organic Herbal Tea
  • 1 Kombucha Scoby (this is the jelly stuff that grows on the top of the Kombucha or the floaty bits in the bottle of pre-brewed... You can make your own from a pre-brew such as MOJO Kombucha. See below)


Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water. Add herbal tea and allow it to brew for 10-15 minutes. Strain or remove tea bags and allow it to cool before pouring into your Durand Kombucha Jar. Add in the Scoby and secure the top of your jar with a muslin or cheese cloth and a rubber band. 

Your first batch should take approximately 8-10 days, however you can leave it upto 14 days if you want less sugar in the end product. This is a safer option for diabetics or people wishing to use Kombucha to lose weight. It will tend to brew more quickly in a warm environment, so allow a few extra days in winter months. You just can't rush a good thing!

*Remember to wash and clean the jar and tap thoroughly in between batches so avoid the tap from clogging or any harmful bacteria from growing. Keep your brew away from metal such as aluminium or stainless steel pans (a glass or ceramic pot with a plastic tap is best). 

How to make Scoby

If this is your first time then these words will probably be unfamiliar to you. But you are on the cusp of greatness so hang in there! It really is quite simple to make your own if you are not fortunate enough to know someone who is already doing it who can donate some to you. 

The Scoby is the Jelly like stuff on the top of the Kombucha. It is a result of the fermentation process and is a vital part in making your own Kombucha. Scoby is also what you will see as those little floaty bits in the bottom of a bottle of Kombucha that you buy from the shops (such as MOJO). So this is the stuff you need to harvest in order to make your own Scoby. 

A word of warning, the only real danger in making your own Scoby is the risk of bacterial infection until the Scoby is established. So make sure you give everything a good clean before you start, and practice very good hygiene while making it. If you suspect that it may be contaminated, don't risk it... chuck it and try again!

To start, add 1 cup of your pre-mix Kombucha (such as MOJO), to a small glass container. Cover it with a muslin cloth or cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band. It will begin to grow a jelly like film on the top. This is your scoby. At this stage it is just a baby. It needs to grow. Use it now to make a mini batch of Kombucha with just water, sugar and tea in a slightly large bowel. The Scoby will grow with every batch and increase in size with a larger bowl each time. 

There you have it! Give it a go.